MacroCreative Launches New Software for Barber Shops to Make Their Business Seamless

MacroCreative Launches New Software for Barber Shops to Make Their Business Seamless

Every year new technologies come. Some stay for long and some vanishes within a blink of an eye. BarberNook has recently launched new software for barbershop owners. The software has everything you need to make your barber business smooth and manageable. The BarberNook is a robust barbershop management tool that helps barber business to grow. It is designed for barbers to provide them the ability to help clients book securely online. With their extensive experience in the field, the main aim of creating this software is to take the barbershop to the next phase.

The creator of the tool has explained its features that are not less than a boon for the barbers. The software offers real opportunities to manage their barber business without any hassle. It gives clients the convenience to schedule their barber appointment direct from the website or through an in-build booking system. It allows the client to see the availability and book accordingly. Moreover, with this barber software, you can either manage the appointment on request or accept appointments automatically, as simple as that.

BarberNook has also a special feature to launch a professional barbershop website in a few minutes without any technical training. Just edit your website, add content, modify it, upload images, you are good to go. It just requires a few minutes and a few clicks to do so.

The best feature of BarberNook along with easy to use and effective features is compatibility. This barber software is compatible with tablets, phones, or computers. The experienced staff of BarberNook tests the barber website platform continually with more than 30 devices to make sure that your barber clients have the best experience on the web with your services.

The power analytics are designed to help you keep track of the clients. Whether you need to secure client notes or access previous appointment information, BarberNook.com is your ultimate destination. The new product designed for barbers is safe and secure. It allows you to keep the notes on regular clients. With this amazing software, you can have peace of mind that the information you need is with you when you need it.

The appointment calendar helps you to stay organized. You can manage your barber availability within the in-build booking system. You get complete control over the availability to use barber booking software. Apart from this, BarberNook also keeps you and your clients worry-free from reminders through push notifications, texts or email. It helps clients to missed the sessions of their barbers. The barber booking system enables you to set the times you would like for your clients to get the reminders. If security is your major concern, then relax as BarberNook barber software is encrypted with the latest SSL technologies. It is PCI and secures so you can do your business without any hassle.

You can also get 30 days free trial to see how the software is working for you. To know more about this product, you can contact https://barbernook.com/.