How to add a blog to Joomla (CMS)

You are able to setup a blog on your site using the Content ->  Section
Manager/Category Manager/Content Items areas.
-Go to the Content  -> Section Manager and create a new section called Blog.
-Go to the  Content -> Category Manager and create any number of blog categories  needed.  When creating these categories, you are able to assign them to the  Blog section you created.
-Go to the Content -> All Content Items area.  From here, you can add in your specific blog content information and assign  it to the appropriate category under the blog section.

Once this has  been setup, you can link in the blog to your menu areas by going to the admin  Menu -> top menu area.
- click New at the top right
-choose Blog  - Content Section. Once the link has been created and saved, you can click on the link in the top menu admin area and on the right of the
page you will find  setting options for how the information will show within this link area.

For  more information about these tools, you can click the Help button at the top right of the page.

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