E3 Create Product Export file, How to Create a Product Import File

When trying to create an import file for your E3 system, we first suggest to add a minimum of 3-5 products manually under the Catalog tab. We recommend adding as much detailed information as possible. Once these products have been created, go to the Catalog -> Export Products area. From here, click the Export Products button to save the exported file to your local computer. Once saved, open the file and make your product additions using the other manually defined products in the file as examples. Also be sure to define the product images with the exact name as the file being referenced. If the file is named iMaGe.JPG, then the file name in the import file will have to match this exactly. Please include case sensitivity and file extensions. Add variants and options if applicable. See the manual for assistance with options and variants: http://www.e3ecommerce.com/manuals/html/index.htm

More detailed instructions are at the bottom of this email.

Before using your template, we suggest you view your product addition from the front end of your store for accuracy.

IMPORTANT!! If you are importing your products yourself, we suggest you first import the products to our live demo. The demo resets every 24 hours, so you can import, and be assured if you make a mistake, it will not be on your site.

The demo URL is:
The login and password are changed weekly, and your project manager can email the current password and login to you.

If Macrocreative is importing your products for you, once the file has been created, attach your file to an email and send it to the development team at devteam@macrocreative.com for us to integrate. Please also send us the product images referenced in the import file. If needed, your project manager can provide you with an FTP account to upload your images if necessary.


To review:

login to your site:
Go to catalog - manage category (and setup the categories you need for the products).

Go to catalog - create products - and fill in the fields for at least three distinct products.
Once you add a product and a pic, you can preview it here:

Then, once you have added it
go to catalog --> operations -->Export Products
If you add your most complex product (above), these steps will allow you to create a CSV file of the product data. You will then populate this file (it will be used as a template by you), provide it to us, and we will then use this for importing your products.

Here is the link to the manual as well.

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